IfA Projects

Groups for Collaborative Research 


A 20 deg2 deep Subaru Hyper-SuprimeCam imaging & Keck LRIS + MOSFIRE spectroscopic survey of the two primary Euclid Deep Calibration Fields (NEP and CDFS).

Solar Wind Sherpas

Total Solar Eclipse Chasers in Search of the Physics of the Corona and the Solar Wind

The Accretion History of AGN

Quantifying the evolution of active galaxies using a sample of 16,000 X-Ray detected sources from the Stripe82X, COSMOS, and GOODS surveys

Solar Physics Journal Club

Students and scientists of IfA and NSO gather and discuss recent journal articles that are related, but not limited to solar physics research. State of the art studies in the broad field of astronomy, geoscience, instrumentation, plasma physics

Institute for Astronomy

We are one of the largest university astronomy programs in the world.