Welcome to the Gallery page!  Navigate through the sub pages and see what it’s like to prepare for an eclipse, carry out an expedition, and observe a total solar eclipse.  Enjoy!

2017 Expedition – United States of America

Journey with us as we make our way to the mainland and observe the total solar eclipse along its path from Oregon to Nebraska.  Photos and blog entries will be updated as often as possible throughout the days leading up to the eclipse.

2016 Expedition – Indonesia

Discover what an expedition to a remote island in Indonesia entails.  Here you will find pictures depicting the experiences endured by the Solar Wind Sherpas during their 2016 expedition to Indonesia.

2015 Expedition – Svalbard

As proven by our 2015 eclipse expedition to the Arctic circle, the Solar Wind Sherpas will chase a total solar eclipse to the edges of our planet.  Learn what carrying out an expedition under extreme cold is all about.

Previous Expeditions

From India in 1995 to Zambia in 2001 to French Polynesia in 2010, the Solar Wind Sherpas have traveled to many locations to observe total solar eclipses.  Here you will find pictures from a few of those expeditions.